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Security: Please note that all of Grainger's WWW transactions are fully protected with SSL encryption, which means that any personal data that is transmitted for any reason, and only with your permission cannot be viewed or accessed by any third parties. If you wish to view the security certificate for Grainger's web site please click on the padlock that should now be visible next to the sites URL at the top of the page. You should not reveal your store password to others.

Internet Explorer may from time to time inform you that you are switching to a non-secure website page, this is an information only message and in line with the above paragraph should not be taken to imply that your security and personal information is being comprimised in any way.

For a complete description of our "Privacy Policy" or if you have any concerns please select the appropriate link from the information section on the left of the page or telephone using the contact number from the top of the page.
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